Nodes and Components

CCA Circuits are built of CCA Nodes and Components and the Data-Flow between them.



Nodes are the simple base class you have to implement to provide a computation unit visible to CCA. It provides the basic port interface, but only a simple internal Component Lifecycle for stopping and starting.

See Node.


Components are more complex computation units that provide a Component Lifecycle and a pre-configured set of ports to publish their state, have their state managed by the framework (e.g. being turned on and off) and listen to the beat.

See Component.


Unmanaged nodes / components are processes that communicate to a CCA circuit over the middleware (currently RSB), but are not part of the framework and therefore are not managed by CCA (e.g. their timing).

Along the implementations of RSB, unmanaged nodes and components can be implemented in either C++, Java, Python or Common Lisp.

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