Contribute ComponentsΒΆ

Preconditions: Installation of CCA, rci and rcirst. Currently this how-to is quite AMARSi-specific and you need credentials for the AMARSi Redmine.

  1. Check out the component repository

Use git to check out the component repository.

git clone

where USERNAME is your AMARSi Redmine credential.

  1. Copy and adapt the template

Copy the component template

cd components
cp -R cca-component YOURNAME

where YOURNAME is your component name (avoid white-spaces).

  1. Change the name of the component, by adapting the first lines COMPONENTNAME
and COMPONENTDESCRIPTION of the file CMakeList.txt of your component folder.
  1. Test

The component template should be working out of the box. Try to build it and check the example.

cd build
cmake ..

After the project is build you should be able to execute the component example.

  1. Implement your component
  • Adapt cmake for dependencies
  • Implement component in its src/ folder
  • Implement example in its bin/ folder

TODO: Dependency handling

  1. Add the component to the repository

To initially add your component to the component repository (this has to be done once), do:

git add YOURNAME
git commit -m "Added component COMPONENTNAME"

where YOURNAME is your component folder and COMPONENTNAME is the name of your component.

If your component is added to the repository, you can later on push changes of your component via:

git pull origin master
git commit
git push origin master

where CHANGEDFILES are all the files you changed and want to push to the repository.

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