Package rst.deprecated

Placeholder package to ensure that there is always something inside the deprecated domain.


digraph message_graph { fontname="Arial"; fontsize=11; stylesheet="../_static/graphs.css"; node [fontsize=11,fontname="Arial"] edge [fontsize=11,fontname="Arial"] "1" [label=<<TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD COLSPAN="2" HREF="../generated/sandbox/package-rst-deprecated.html#rst.deprecated.DoNotUseMe" TITLE="Structure rst.deprecated.DoNotUseMe" TARGET="_parent"><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD ALIGN="right"><IMG SRC="../_static/message-sandbox.svg"></IMG></TD><TD ALIGN="left">DoNotUseMe</TD></TR></TABLE></TD></TR></TABLE>>,shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor="white"]; }

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Message DoNotUseMe

class rst.deprecated.DoNotUseMe

A placeholder message type for the RST deprecated domain. This domain is intended for types which do not meet the required standards or are deprecated for various other reasons. They will be placed in this domain for some time before they will finally be removed. Since this domain might become empty for some releases and the build system would choke on this, this dummy type ensures that there is always something to build.

Code author: Johannes Wienke <>

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message DoNotUseMe {