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Common Commandline Options
For a description of common options accepted by more than one program.

The following tools are available:

  • bag-record

    This tool is used to capture and store RSB event s from one or more channel s. The captured event s are serialized and written to one or more channel s (based on their scope s and payload types) of a log file.

  • bag-play

    This tool “replays” RSB event s stored in a log file. Event s from all channel s or a subset of the channel s stored in a log file are deserialized and sent via RSB informer s preserving the recorded timing as closely as possible. Other replay timings are also possible.

  • bag-info

    The purpose of this tool is inspecting log file s. It is capable of extracting and displaying some high-level information form log file s.

  • bag-cat

    Like UNIX cat, this program makes a stream of data available on its standard output stream. Unlike UNIX cat, the data is obtained by processing log file s.

  • bag-merge

    This tool merges multiple log file s into one, optionally applying transformations to log file channel s and/or entries in the process.

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