Send an event constructed according to EVENT-SPEC to listeners on scopes specified by DESTINATION-URI.

EVENT-SPEC is treated as follows:

  • As string when surrounded with double-quotes (")
  • As integer number when consisting of digits without decimal point
  • As float number when consisting of digits with decimal point
  • If EVENT-SPEC is the single character -, the entire “contents” of standard input (until end of file) is read as a string and used as argument for the method send

DESTINATION-URI designates the destination scope to which the event should be sent and the transport configuration which should be used for sending the event.

See also

For details regarding the URI syntax of DESTINATION-URI for specifying transport and scope.
Common Commandline Options
The usual commandline options are accepted.
The usual IDL-related options are accepted.


  • $ send '"running"' 'spread:/mycomponent/state'

    In the above example, the send tool is used to send an event whose payload is the string running to the channel designated by the scope /mycomponent/state.


Implementation Language Project Repository Link Compiled Binary
Common Lisp cl-rsb-tools “0.7” branch of Linux i686, Linux x86_64, MacOS x86_64