Inprocess Transport

This page describes the inprocess transport which delivers events published by informers in a process to participants in the same process (i.e. inter-process or network communication does not occur).


See also

Use of URIs in RSB.

The inprocess transport uses the inprocess URI schema.


See also

Specification of configuration mechanism.

The following configuration options are accepted by the inprocess transport:

Name           Type  Comment
+ transport
+-- inprocess        No options

Notification Format

Since events are transported within a single process, there is no need for serializing them into notifications and hence no need to apply converters as well. Instead, event objects published by informers are just passed to the appropriate receiving participants after necessary meta-data has been added.


This implementation implies that client code is forbidden to modify sent (after sending) and received events.

Hierarchical Bus

Distribution of events can be implemented as follows

Example for scope /foo/bar/:

super-scopes(/foo/bar/, include-self? = yes) = /, /foo/, /foo/bar/


Language File(s)
C++ “0.15” branch of at src/rsb/transport/inprocess
Java “0.15” branch of at src/rsb/transport/inprocess
Python /../rsb-python/rsb/transport/local/
Common Lisp “0.15” branch of at src/transport/inprocess