Python API Documentation

User-Level API

rsb This package contains all classes that form the high-level user interface of the RSB python implementation.
rsb.converter A module containing various converter implementations as well as logic for registering and selecting them.
rsb.filter Contains filters which can be used to restrict the amount of events received by clients.
rsb.patterns Package containing pattern implementations like RPC based on the basic participants rsb.Listener and rsb.Informer.
rsb.patterns.future Contains an implementation of the future pattern.
rsb.version Provides runtime information about the version of RSB being currently used.

Internal API

rsb.eventprocessing A module with classes maintaining the processing of events between the transport layer and the client interface.
rsb.util Various helper classes and methods.
rsb.introspection This package contains partial introspection functionality for RSB.
rsb.transport This module contains different transport implementations for RSB and their common base classes and utility functions.
rsb.transport.local This package contains a highly efficient in-process transport implementation which allows participants inside one python process to communicate without serialization overhead.
rsb.transport.rsbspread This package contains a transport implementation based on the spread toolkit which uses a multicased-based daemon network.
rsb.transport.socket This package contains a transport implementation that uses multiple point-to-point socket connections to simulate a bus.